ASUS UL30 Notebook

Long time test starting August 2010. The new definition from mobile working far beyond all earlier possibilities. The ASUS UL30 creates new standards.

Airbus 320 seat Airbus 320 seat
The provision of space in the tourist class is in harmony with the size of my ASUS UL30 notebook. What to do here with my old Lenovo thinkpad R61?

Screen in sun Screen in sun
Antiglare is a have to at purchasing a notebook. Otherwise, the display would be like a mirror like the incasement around the display. With 2 eyes, the screen content is more easy to recognize.

Modern working style 10 years later Modern working style 10 years later
What has changed in 10 years at the modern working style? My new ASUS UL30 is 1.2 kg lighter than the former Gericom Silver Seraph.

Airport Moscow transit area Airport Moscow transit area
Search for a power outlet, behind the chest is one. WLAN internet is free in Moscow airport. Munich airport can learn from this!

Airport Munich sockets and WLAN Airport Munich sockets and WLAN
In the depature hall, I find a socket only at the entrance to the toiletts. There is an outrageous price for WLAN: 8.-EUR per hour.

Swim break Swim break
As soon as I go swimming, my doughters jump to the ASUS UL30. Both would like, that I swim for hours, otherwise they want to go home.

Multi power supply for netbook is enough for ASUS UL30 Multi power supply for netbook is enough for ASUS UL30
All in one, 12V DC car adapter, airplane adapter, 100..240V AC with 40 Watt and an USB charging socket for my Android cell phone


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