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Keyboard Acer Travelmate 4651 Lmi
Overview about the keyboard layout of 12 actual laptops from December 2005. Flooded beach
After some weeks rain, finally bathing weather again. But the beach is half flooded. Humans dense together, so the only place for the photovoltaic on a tree. Blue sky - photovoltaic in the shadow
The sun just disappeared behind the Untersberg. Only the blue of the sky illuminates the szene. Nevertheless delivers the photovoltaic still 5% peak. Direct sun
The foldable photovoltaic placed on an other place to align better towards the sun. The charge current climbs to 2,33A or 86% of 34 Watt peak. Sunny
Through a hole in the clouds short time full sunshine. 2,23A charge current or 82% of 34 Watt peak. The PV lies not optimal oriented on the rock. What delivers a photovoltaic at sun behind clouds?
Behind a sparse cloud is the sun recognizably. My foot throws already the clue of a shadow. 0,8A charge current. 30% of the 34 Watt peak. Photovoltaic at strong cloudy sky
Behind dense dark grey clouds is the sun invisible. The charge current changes from 0,39 to 0,65A or 14% to 24% of the 34 Watt peak rating. Office at the waterfall
To work has nothing to do with being cruel to yourself  in a stuffy office. GPRS, UMTS and a solar power supply makes it possible to work in an inspiring environment. 12V power supply
At the 12V plug from the battery is a 3 plug connector for the AA battery charger of my Canon-S1, charger for the cellphone and car adapter for the notebook. Sealed lead acid battery with charge regulator
The charge regulator is simple with double sided adhesive tape glued on the sealed lead acid battery. Also this should be only a temporary stopgap. Flap out the photovoltaic
With the flap out, the width of the photovoltaic module increases from 44 to 88cm. A half squaremeter active area. Unfold photovoltaic
The photovoltaic module is next unfolded. Stil are no photovoltaic cells visible. Foldable photovoltaic module
Such unapparent small, I take the folded 34 Watt module out of the backpack. With 2 kg weight, it produces with 2 hours sunshine the same amount of energy In the backpack
Normal, I would not take for some hours at the waterfall charger for the cellphone and for the AA cells from the camera. But here it's to show, what all is possible. Backpack with notebook and accessories
All the power supply fits in this small backpack. In front the belt for the notebook, the digital camera and the cellphone. Use delayed action with the tripod
Light tripods can shake at pressing the button. For this, use at the digital camera the delayed action. After 2 or 10 seconds is all still. Hook on the tripod
As well as the Erno D55, the Hama Star 61 have a hook to hang weights for a higher stability against wind. Light tripods are wind sensitive
Spain, Murcia, La Manga. A warm September evening 2004. I would not have called the weather windy, until I have seen the results from night photos with 1.6 seconds exposure time. Spirit level hidden
At the Erno 33 ist the spirit level only visivle as long as the camera is not mounted. The camera covers the spirit level. Both spirit levels good visible
At the trpod Hama Star 61 are both spirit levels good visible whe the camera is mounted. When the camera is turned to portrait, the upper spirit level remains visivle. Panorama in deep snow
Some meter deep snow on the Untersberg, amazing good long distance sight. A panorama with about 135mm focal lenght fails because no spirit level. Tripod plate with coin slot
The Erno D55 has a coin slot to screw the camera on the tripod plate. Annoying rummage in the moneybag. Test tripods for light digital cameras
The 3 test candidates,, Erno P33 for 19,90 EUR, Erno D55 for 39,90 EUR and Hama Star 61 for 25,99 EUR start in the compare test of light tripods. Hugin: panorama tool with post refinement
The special feature of Hugin is the possibility for post refinements, which we did not test. Without post refinement, there is a light dark border. Panoramastudio Panorama Software
1530 pixel height in a panorama remain from 1600 pixel height from the part photos. Here is Panoramastudio better than PixAround. But there are ghosts in the overlap areas. Panoramafactory: the ghost software
In the Panoramafactory 3.3 panorama appear several ghosts, which are suppressed by PhotoStitch 3.1 and PixAround. The shadowy ghosts ruin the panorama. PixAround panorama software in test
At us cince 2000 used as a problem free error tolerant software for panoramas. Freehand or not complete straight on the tripod, PixAround makes the best out of the photos. Panorama software PhotoStitch 3.1
The software delivered together with the Canon S1 did not perform well. The Venedig panorama is much circumcised. The Markus church without towers. Digital voltmeter to measure car adapter
Until there are reverse polarity protected car adapters, a voltmeter is essential to use to protect your valuable notebook from reverse polarity damage. Car Adapter Tuning
From Voltcraft there is a pack with angled plugs to the common not polarity-safe car adapters. Re-measure and then fix glue is highly recommended.