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Boot Modi from an Android 6 Doogee X5 MAX pro
With volume not pressed, louder or quieter together with the Power Button, three different boot modes are available. These are as follows. Doogee X5 Max Pro Firmware 2017-09-12 malware free
Finally! Doogee has come to his senses. Month-long tests with the firmware version 2017-09-12 showed this is clean! Almost clean, the e-mail bug still exists. Email Bug costs a lot of data and electricity
The App email in the Doogee X5 MAX pro 2016-12-26 version has a serious error in syncing. Cell phone micro-USB input defective: Charge external battery
What if you do not get any more power into the phone, because the micro-USB plug has extreme wobble contacts? Ubuntu 16.04 Tools preinstalled
In addition to LibreOffice and Thunderbird, very handy tools for mass storage are also preinstalled. Overview of data usage and partitioning of media. Update costs using mobile internet connection
Such a query would have saved Microsoft some legal proceedings because many GB updates had been downloaded over expensive mobile Internet connections. Ubuntu Software
As simple as the Google Play Store is looking for software and install it. Android is basically only the most widely used Linux variant. UEFI enforces setting password for UEFI
Microsoft's lobbying at the UEFI, the successor to the BIOS, forces you to set a password if you want to use a different operating system than Windows. Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 4
A few more screens with references to the properties of Ubuntu, then the installation is complete. Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 3
After name, computer name and password have been set, the installation starts, as some properties of Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is pointed out. Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 2
The hard disk can be divided automatically or manually. The language for the installation can be selected from many different languages. Installation Linux Ubuntu
The Acer ES1-331-C0YK bought in the middle of May 2016 will be equipped with SSD and more RAM in July 2016. On the SSD, Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is installed. Planned Obsolescence by Windows
My first Linux Ubuntu test: I discover an icon with “Simple Scan“, let's see what happens when I connect my old scanner from 2004 to the notebook. Surprise! Layout for very large screens, 2280 pixel and more width
The only difference to the full-HD layout: the block for own ads moves from below the navigation left to an own column right. Layout for full HD and 1880 to 2279 pixel width
The whole content is in 2 columns. So there is less to scroll on a full-HD screen. SXGA and screens from 1200 to 1879 width
The standard layout of our pages, until the adaption to different screen sizes. XVGA and screens from 1000 to 1200 pixel width
Now, the navigation has place left from the 600 pixel width content. Both 160 pixel width ads move below the navigation. SVGA and most tablets in portrait mode
From 795 to 999 pixel width, it is possible to show both 160 pixel width ads richt from the 600 pixel width content. Layout for up to 794 pixel width screens, most cell phones
The page is zoomed, to show the 600 pixel width content over nearly the total screen width. 15 pixel border, at less than 360 pixel only 4 pixel border. Change the battery in a lyceum
You have 2 batteries for Your notebook, but how do You exchange them, when You sit in a liceum with no plug in reach? Supply from the sun
While I make my test with 2 connected notebooks, all 3 photovoltaic modules, deliver together 2.74 A at 14.2 V. 39 Watt are little bit below the demand. Run several notebooks by the sun
As long as the notebooks do not charge the internal batteries, 85 Watt are enough for some economic notebools. Here is my ASUS UL30A connected by a car adapter to the 12V outlet. 3 photovoltaic modules to compare
One hour later 8:40 am, it becomes cloudy. Opportunity to compare all3 modules, how much they deliver at cloudy sky and still not so high standing sun. First full sunshine in the morning
41 minutes later, the sun is now above the trees and the solar yield is first times greater than the demand from notebook and cell phone. 1.59 A times 13.8 V gives 22 Watt. Sunshine early in the morning
6th July 2012. A little bit sunshine through the tree-tops. I have all 3 photovoltaic modules with meh, becuase I want to test using 2 notebooks. Length of cable is not enough
The distance between a place in the shadow to work and a sunny place for the photovoltaic to deliver electric power can be larger than thought. What does the MPPT with 12V AA Mignon cells?
From 2010 until today, I used 12 AA Mignon rechargeable batteries for my solar power supply of the notebook. Here an experiment what happens when this batteries are Battery full shows MPPT procedure
There had been just 13.86 V and 2.27 A. Suddenly, the display changes to 17.49 V and 1.13 A gives 19,67 Watt. This change is the proof for the MPPT procedure. 34 W foldable photovoltaic
The 85 W control unit stands more than a single 20 W modul. Here I connect my foldable 34 W Unisolar from 2005 and the new foldable 20 W foldable from the solar set together. 20 W foldable photovoltaic
It's July 4th 2012, the photovoltaic is full in sunshine, but 13.47 V times 0.86 A are only 11,58 Watt. Not optimal oriented towards the sun, a little bit warmer.