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Run several notebooks by the sun
As long as the notebooks do not charge the internal batteries, 85 Watt are enough for some economic notebools. Here is my ASUS UL30A connected by a car adapter to the 12V outlet. 3 photovoltaic modules to compare
One hour later 8:40 am, it becomes cloudy. Opportunity to compare all3 modules, how much they deliver at cloudy sky and still not so high standing sun. First full sunshine in the morning
41 minutes later, the sun is now above the trees and the solar yield is first times greater than the demand from notebook and cell phone. 1.59 A times 13.8 V gives 22 Watt. Sunshine early in the morning
6th July 2012. A little bit sunshine through the tree-tops. I have all 3 photovoltaic modules with meh, becuase I want to test using 2 notebooks. Length of cable is not enough
The distance between a place in the shadow to work and a sunny place for the photovoltaic to deliver electric power can be larger than thought. What does the MPPT with 12V AA Mignon cells?
From 2010 until today, I used 12 AA Mignon rechargeable batteries for my solar power supply of the notebook. Here an experiment what happens when this batteries are Battery full shows MPPT procedure
There had been just 13.86 V and 2.27 A. Suddenly, the display changes to 17.49 V and 1.13 A gives 19,67 Watt. This change is the proof for the MPPT procedure. 34 W foldable photovoltaic
The 85 W control unit stands more than a single 20 W modul. Here I connect my foldable 34 W Unisolar from 2005 and the new foldable 20 W foldable from the solar set together. 20 W foldable photovoltaic
It's July 4th 2012, the photovoltaic is full in sunshine, but 13.47 V times 0.86 A are only 11,58 Watt. Not optimal oriented towards the sun, a little bit warmer. Test with Vanson 70W car adapter
The Vanson SDR-70W is designed for normal notebooks with a higher electric power demand. Compard to the direct 19V outlet of the solar set. Test with Belkin 40 W 12V DC 100-240 AC power supply
The Belkin F5L065 is speciall for netbooks and economical notebooks like my mein ASUS UL30A. Here the conversion loses compared to the direct 19V outlet. Solar set with 19V outlet for notebooks
The 19V outlet of the photovoltaic set for notebooks increases the efficiency versus a 12V outlet and a car adapter for the notebook. Efficiency of AA battery charger
At calculating the energy usage, it's easy to look over the efficiency of diffeeren processes. Or who would have thought, that this AA battery charger just needs 10 W? Solar charger for camera batteries
Most chargers for batteries from video- and digital cameras can be used with 12V. At the 12 V output of the solar set is a car-socket. Test photovoltaic set for notebooks at the rivulet
After 15 years hauling a lead battery, after 2 years too weak NiMh buffer battery. July 4th 2012 starts a new age of notebook outdoor usage. Charge solar set by a notebook power supply
The 85W solar set can be charged by any notebook power supply as far as the plug fits and the power supply can deliver 60 W. scope of delivery  85W solar set
After You have taken out the foldable 20 Watt photovoltaic of the box, You find below: Left top: control unit with 66 W lithium-ion battery, middle top: 12V LED lamp. Braclet for cell phone
What to do when You want to look on Your cell phone, but You have no hand available to hold the cell phone? Because You are running or driving an electric scooter? Airport Moscow transit area
Search for a power outlet, behind the chest is one. WLAN internet is free in Moscow airport. Munich airport can learn from this! Airbus 320 seat
The provision of space in the tourist class is in harmony with the size of my ASUS UL30 notebook. What to do here with my old Lenovo thinkpad R61? Airport Munich sockets and WLAN
In the depature hall, I find a socket only at the entrance to the toiletts. There is an outrageous price for WLAN: 8.-EUR per hour. Swim break
As soon as I go swimming, my doughters jump to the ASUS UL30. Both would like, that I swim for hours, otherwise they want to go home. Screen in sun
Antiglare is a have to at purchasing a notebook. Otherwise, the display would be like a mirror like the incasement around the display. With 2 eyes, the screen content is more easy to recognize. Multi power supply for netbook is enough for ASUS UL30
All in one, 12V DC car adapter, airplane adapter, 100..240V AC with 40 Watt and an USB charging socket for my Android cell phone Charge controller as a modul in the system
The modular construction of the system makes it possible to let the components of the PV system at home, when only the battery is required. Modular system
Center of the power supply are 2 * 12V power outlets. Here can be attached differend batteries and the charge controller of the photovoltaic. Light buffer battery for solar power
Changing to an 1,8 kg notebook, the buffer byttery for the solar equipment should weight less than 2,5 kg. For the small consumption of the ASUS UL30 10 NiMh batteries. Screen outside: easy to read
I am with the notebook below a tree in the shadow. In the background ohter trees in the sun light. The display is easy to read. 3 Three Strikes Out? No! 1
You think the French 3 strikes out is bad? Seems You have not experiecded the 1 strikes out from Vodafone RO. One time the wrong connection means to be immedeately blocked. FritzBox Fon Wlan
The tangle of wires from 3 devices is reduced by the FritzBox to one combined device. The power consumption is reduced from 17.6 Watt to about 7 Watt in average.