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Original Thinkpad power supply
The original power supply is capable of 65 watts, has a permanently attached USB-C PD cable, and is a real pain for today's airline luggage situation. Lenovo Thinkpad L14 Gen 2 AMD has all the keys
Important, picture up, picture down, position 1 and end are executed as single keys. Why do other notebook manufacturers save on the keyboard of all things? Baseus USB-C PD Powerbank with 36 Wh and 72 Wh 20 Watt
A 20 watt powerbank is sufficient to run the notebook for as long as possible. It makes no sense to me to pay more than double for a 72 Wh 65 Watt powerbank. Continue to use old powerbanks with USB-C PD
Each of my three powerbanks came with the most common notebook connectors. But what to do when the new notebook has USB-C PD as a connector? USB-C PD in the car at the 12 volt socket
This very compact 12 V plug displays the voltage and can power and charge USB-C PD notebooks and all cell phones. 67 Watt USB-C PD power supply for 3 devices simultaneously
Where you used to need 3 power outlets, now everything is powered by this power adapter weighing only 108g. Simply clear and space-saving thanks to USB-C PD Revolution. Slow charging with weak power supply
USB-C PD enables a gentle charging of the battery by using a weak power supply. This is not allowed with a conventional power supply! Extreme power saving: router with better power supply unit
The power supply included with the router was not the most frugal. Most of the time, the wattmeter showed 4.2 watts consumption. With a USB-C PD power adapter, it is only 2.4 watts. 30 Watt USB-C PD power supply to always take with you
Only the notebook with and then it takes much longer than expected? Just always have this 66 g power supply with you protects against surprises. The USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Revolution
USB-C PD is the best remedy against cable tangle, cable clutter and a hodgepodge of power adapters. Everything is unified and simplified. 9 Volt block rechargeable via USB
Constantly be careful not to turn on the voltmeter for too long, NO THANKS! The 9 V disposable battery is replaced by a USB rechargeable 9 V lithium battery. Wattmeter DC up to 100 A 60 V 6 kW
What is happening between the charger and the battery or between the battery and the load? As long as 100 A and 60 V are not exceeded, this under 10 € device provides information. Wattmeter 230 V AC
A built-in rechargeable lithium battery stores the data when the meter is not plugged in. This Wattmeter costs under 10 €. ASUS Plug
General power supplies, car adapters and notebook power banks come with a lot of different connectors, but unfortunately only the old ones and not the new ASUS connectors. Charger AA AAA NiMh 18650 Lithium Ion
Four completely different batteries can be charged at once by the Liitokala Lii 500. How many mAh have already been charged, the internal resistance and the voltage are displayed. Powerbank Accessories
Plugs for the car, universal power supply, photovoltaic, socket as in the car and a voltmeter are the most important accessories to the Notebook Powerbank. Laptop powerbank
Can you really buy a 140 Wh powerbank for under 60 € that you can also charge with photovoltaics or in the car? Yes, I am very satisfied with this Laptop Powerbank. 18650 Lithium-Ion battery cells from GTF
For the also ordered Notebook Powerbank it must be 18650 flat head batteries. So without the increase at the positive pole. What can be seen during the installation of Ubuntu 20.04.1?
Hints for VLC, Rythm Box Music Player, Spotify, Shotwell Photo Manager, GIMP, Shotcut Video Editor, Firefox, Thunderbird and Chromium. Various settings at the beginning of the Ubuntu installation
The swap partition of Ubuntu 16.04 became a swap file in 20.04. The size of this file must still be set, it will not automatically increase if necessary. Start of the Linux Ubuntu installation
Installing Linux Ubuntu 20.04.1 on an ASUS Zenbook UM431D. The first steps for installation. Measure a 12 V solar equipment
The 4 LEDs on the K2 Solar are sufficient for the consumer. For a test report one would like however significantly more information about the device. K2 Solar Laptop Powerbank in use
185 Wh battery and up to 76 watts of peak photovoltaic mean large reserves in use. Together with economical laptops would be a life without electricity network possible. Scope of delivery K2 Solar laptop Power Bank
A pocket, power supply, cable for photovoltaic and 10 different adapters for laptops are at the K2 Solar. Optimization energy consumption Doogee X5 MAX pro
After all measures the consumption in the standby is under 1% battery / hour with all switched on and under 0.2% battery hour with WLAN, Internet, Bluetooth, GPS off. AFWall+ firewall
Who dare to delete System-UI? I do not, but a fire wall to the Internet one can build around it. Thus, a malware infected nerve saw becomes a super smartphone. Uninstall at Doogee X5 Max pro Android 6
In Settings -> Apps, you only saw “Disable“ in gray. But if you have root and uninstaller, you can Delete all unwanted. Install TWRP on Doogee X5 MAX pro Android 6
SP Flash Tool overwrites the recovery partition from the internal memory. If after the boot in the “recovery“ appears TWRP, then SuperSU can finally be installed. Unlock Bootloader Doogee X5 MAX pro Android 6
Secure data! Unfortunately, when the boot loader is unlocked, a factory reset is performed, all data in the internal memory is lost, so save it beforehand. Software for rooting Doogee X5 MAX pro Android 6
A computer with USB cable and the following software is necessary for the rooting. SP Flash Toold and a “sudo apt install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot“ are enough.