DIN5035: electric power wasting prescribed by DIN 5035

Unimpressed from the summery energy crises tries the lamp- and electric power lobby to order by a DIN norm a mad waste of electric power.

  Light wasting in the tempel of paper worshiping

"Paper has to be brightly light up" is the battle cry of the DIN5035 at the policies for the office illumination. 1000 Lux bright should be every paper. Even for rooms with information processing should the workers be dazzled with 750 Lux. For what? Screens are self illuminating. It has to be only enough light to see the keyboard. Or thinks the DIN norm, that even in rooms for data processing has to be every paper illuminated with much electric power to read it easy?

  One atomic power plant for 1 million office work places by the rule

Beside the illumination have most office working places also a computer. Desktop computer with screen and illumination together can use 500 Watt electric power. This becomes very hot in the summer. But no problem, there is an other policy for the maximum room temperature and air conditons. With this together, the electric power usage of an office work place can be in the summer up to 1 kW.

  A shining future for paper worshiping

One atomic power plant for 1 million places of organised paper worship. A cult of wasting electric power creates radioactive waste for some 10 thousand years. Why? 1000 Lux minimal illumination for offices is like to forbid economical cars by a policy for a minimum of 8 cylinders and 6 litre cylinder capacity.

About this policy for wasting is only to write: "Where injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes duty".


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Power shutdowns Power shutdowns
Power cuts are only for those who have not taken precautions. Many people cannot take precautions because of the use of crazy energy-wasting office equipment.

Paper illumination Paper illumination
Paper needs much light to be readable. Here in my bright apartment in the duk without artificial light. The TFT of my notebook is much more easy to read.

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