Thinkpad L14 Gen 2 AMD

I have been using this notebook since July 2023. The Thinkpad L14 Gen 2 AMD sets new minimum standards for all future notebook purchases.

Lenovo Thinkpad L14 Gen 2 AMD has all the keys Lenovo Thinkpad L14 Gen 2 AMD has all the keys
Important, picture up, picture down, position 1 and end are executed as single keys. Why do other notebook manufacturers save on the keyboard of all things?

Configuration Linux Ubuntu 22.04 on Thinkpad L14 Gen 2
I used this file to install all my usual software on the new Thinkpad.

Original Thinkpad power supply Original Thinkpad power supply
The original power supply is capable of 65 watts, has a permanently attached USB-C PD cable, and is a real pain for today's airline luggage situation.

Save battery on ThinkPad
You can set how many percent the battery is charged to on the ThinkPad and when the battery should start charging. A full charge to 100% is harmful.