Doogee X5 MAX pro: Apps to deactivate

Not everything is useful to all users. Here is a list of apps that can be disabled for optimization. Settings -> Apps and menu '' Show System ''.

  Absolutely immediately deactivate

  • Paralell Space
  • Xender

  Further optimization

Some of the disabled apps are replaced by other apps that I recommend in this report, others are unnecessary for most users.

  • Android Live Wallpaers
  • Basis-Daydreams
  • Blach Hole
  • Bubbles
  • Contacts (I use True Phone)
  • Documents To Go
  • Market Feedback Agent
  • MusikFX (does not show in the App-Drawer)
  • Omacp (Open Multimedia Application Client Plattform - who needs today MMS?)
  • Phase Beam
  • Photo Screensavers
  • Print Spooler
  • Video Daydreams

  Malware has to be uninstalled immediately

May you be spared from such afflictions.

  • My Apps

  Settings -

Security> nknow sources
Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Check, that this switch is "OFF".

  Suspicious folders in the internal memory

Show also hidden files and folders

  • air
  • commerce
  • GoAdSdk
  • MiniAppstore
  • .bcdbdfa
  • .data
  • .DataStorage
  • .dataviz
  • .goproduct
  • .UTSystemConfig
Delete immedeately

  Root - the solution

With the firmware of 2017-02-17 the malware problems became intolerable. So I went back to the firmware version of 2016-12-26 and rooted the device. Click here for detailed instructions.

The hardware is really great for the price, the rest can be fixed.


Cell phone micro-USB input defective: Charge external battery Cell phone micro-USB input defective: Charge external battery
What if you do not get any more power into the phone, because the micro-USB plug has extreme wobble contacts?

Email Bug costs a lot of data and electricity Email Bug costs a lot of data and electricity
The App email in the Doogee X5 MAX pro 2016-12-26 version has a serious error in syncing.

Context description:  Malware list find delete
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