Runtime and power consumption Windows vs Linux

Since there are contradictory statements, the first test on my old ASUS UL30A: How is the energy consumption under Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu 16.04?

Extremely long term was August 2010 the criterion to buy a ASUS UL30A. The next notebook will be again with economical CPU and long running time.

  Dual Boot for Windows and Linux

Download Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and a software to create a USB stick for booting. First Linux tests only with the boot USB stick. There is already the extensive battery information on: Seems the battery is aged in nearly 6 years since the purchase significantly. From 84 Wh to 69.3 Wh Then Dualboot alternatively installed for the existing Windows 7 and for Linux Ubuntu 16.04.

tested 80 minutes, according to battery information, the average consumption was 10.3 watts.

  svchost.exe brings the decision

Then the notebook is started under Windows 7. Suddenly the fans howling going on, the Task Manager shows 50% CPU usage on by svchost.exe. The nightmare svchost.exe is back.

For the first time I had a horror experience with svchost.exe in the plane between Munich and Beijing. The display for energy saving as dark as possible switched, all unnecessary tasks finished, last fine work on my keynote for the Economic Conference WEIS in Changchun. The remaining time estimate is still 10 hours after one hour flight. Then the fan howling going on at once, the remaining time estimate decreases drastically. One of the 2 CPUs is 100% used by svchost.exe. How do you switch off this horror, which sucks a battery like a vampire?

I end in the task manager svchost.exe. The screen freezes, nothing is going to happen except restart. After rebooting, svchost.exe starts relentlessly. After 20 minutes the sabotage ends. Since one is really aware, a Windows computer does not belong to one, one is only tolerated co-user.

Nach der gleichen Testzeit ist der Anhand der Akku Prozente errechnete Durchschnittsverbrauch 13,9 Watt.

I can not help if Windows runs in an extreme power saving situation on a long-haul svchost.exe. I can not help if Windows runs svchost.exe during a critical comparison test against Linux.

Perhaps Windows would have won. Perhaps Mr. X would have become world champion if he had not drunk 2 liters of beer and a bottle of whiskey the day before the final.

  I want my own notebook!

This comparison test brought the final decision: I want my own notebook, I do not want to be longer only a tolerated co-users of a notebook in the decision-making power of Microsoft.

  Windows 10 Update Terror: My way to Linux Ubuntu

The Windows 10 Update Terror as a trigger to finally realize a long-held plan: The change to Linux.

Planned Obsolescence by Windows Planned Obsolescence by Windows
My first Linux Ubuntu test: I discover an icon with ''Simple Scan'', let's see what happens when I connect my old scanner from 2004 to the notebook. Surprise!

Installation Linux Ubuntu Installation Linux Ubuntu
The Acer ES1-331-C0YK bought in the middle of May 2016 will be equipped with SSD and more RAM in July 2016. On the SSD, Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is installed.

Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 2 Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 2
The hard disk can be divided automatically or manually. The language for the installation can be selected from many different languages.

Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 3 Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 3
After name, computer name and password have been set, the installation starts, as some properties of Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is pointed out.

Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 4 Installation Linux Ubuntu - Part 4
A few more screens with references to the properties of Ubuntu, then the installation is complete.

UEFI enforces setting password for UEFI UEFI enforces setting password for UEFI
Microsoft's lobbying at the UEFI, the successor to the BIOS, forces you to set a password if you want to use a different operating system than Windows.

Ubuntu Software Ubuntu Software
As simple as the Google Play Store is looking for software and install it. Android is basically only the most widely used Linux variant.

Eject Media, but it is still occupied
Would not it be great if not only the error message ''The disk is still occupied by one or more applications'', but a list of these applications?

Update costs using mobile internet connection Update costs using mobile internet connection
Such a query would have saved Microsoft some legal proceedings because many GB updates had been downloaded over expensive mobile Internet connections.

Ubuntu 16.04 Tools preinstalled Ubuntu 16.04 Tools preinstalled
In addition to LibreOffice and Thunderbird, very handy tools for mass storage are also preinstalled. Overview of data usage and partitioning of media.