Notebook Latop News 2009

News, tests, comments and personal experiences over Notebooks, Laptops and mobile Computers from the year 2009.

Desktop PC for development aid is scrap
The regrettable bad investment of a school project in Kathmandu - Nepal shows, like preached by us since years the inadequacy of desktop computers for the development aid.

Sony Ericsson w910i does not recognice own battery Sony Ericsson w910i does not recognice own battery
Purchased September 2008, the device does not recognice the own battery and refuses charging the battery. A situation remembering on the Sony Rootkit.

Tangle of wires Tangle of wires
For the old telephon- and internet connection had been 3 devices and 3 power supplies. ADSL modem, WLAN router, and voice over IP device for the telephone connection.

FritzBox Fon Wlan FritzBox Fon Wlan
The tangle of wires from 3 devices is reduced by the FritzBox to one combined device. The power consumption is reduced from 17.6 Watt to about 7 Watt in average.

3 Three Strikes Out? No! 1 3 Three Strikes Out? No! 1
You think the French 3 strikes out is bad? Seems You have not experiecded the 1 strikes out from Vodafone RO. One time the wrong connection means to be immedeately blocked.

Cell phone bill without EU roaming limit
Compare of Roaming fees in EU and Serbia. This bill shows the greedy price gouging where the EU does not regulate the price. Are the Serbs so greedy?

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