1st April joke from Wolfram Alpha

Big hype in mass media about Wolfram Alpha. We use for the test of Wolfram Alpha similar methods like our political magacine uses at parties.

Wolfram Alpha test with electric car
What will move us tomorrow? The query ''electric car'' is redesigned by Wolfram Alpha to ''electric utilities''.

Wolfram Alpha test with electric scooter
About 90 million electric scooters are world wide underway, but Wolfram Alpha does not understand the query ''electric scooter''.

Wolfram Alpha test with photovoltaic
A lttile bit more than a dictionary definition should be possible at the query ''photovoltaic''

Wolfram Alpha Test with peak-oil
Is peak-oil in the future or past? A very important theme with the oil price explosion 2008 and the consequent recession. But Wolfram Alpha does not understand the query.

Wolfram Alpha test mit economic crisis
Since middle 2008 the omnipresent theme. But at ''economic crisis'' has Wolfram Alpha only the idea, it could have to do something with a movie.

  Test from May 22th 2009

5 queries, no usefull answer. Wolfram Alpha had been much to early introduced to the public.

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