The internet ist not citable

After 5 years are only about 10% of all sources for my articles with the same contence as in the time where I made the link.

  Extrem high fluctuation

I made 2003 links to the first test of the Intel Centrino. Not whatever tests, but links to big online magazines. What remained February 2008? Nothing! On the linked URLs had been not the old test reports, but links to new articles.

It's madness! It's like to erase the 1. world war from the history books and to replace it by a list of more actual wars.

But this is even harmless compared against expired domains, purchased only for advertising revenues. There was a link to a very good article, very usefull for the own readers. Some years later, there is only a long list of advertising links.

This is bad, because there is at Google the term "Linking to bad neighbourhood". This means a web site can be penalized at serach results for making links to bad web sites.

  Sources are stored personally

Sources for articles are often stored on my own computer. There, they remain also in 50 years like in the time where I wrote the article. But it's not possible to publish such copies, this would be against copyright.

So I have to say, the internet is not citable.

  Notebook Latop News 2008

News, tests, comments and personal experiences over Notebooks, Laptops and mobile Computers from the year 2008.

Mobile internet soon possible in the EU
EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding demands from the cellphone providers lower prices for data transfers not in the own country.

Methanol fuel cell
Market scenery for the methanol fuel cell. What SFC FFOY claims as future markets and our opinion about the market development.

Microsoft does not want to offer more for Yahoo
Microsoft sees no reason to increase the offer for Yahoo. Actually, even the current offer over US$ 44,6 billion is for me not understandable high.

Anonymous insanity
The wish for anonymity leads to a condtion, that humans become complete unable to communicate. I really found this email in my spam folder.

Mini fuel cell from Sony Mini fuel cell from Sony
Sony has the prototype of a hybrid fuel cell introduced. 50mm times 30mm size, 10 mililitre Methanol for 14 hours operation of a MP3 device.

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