Mobile internet soon possible in the EU

EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding demands from the cellphone providers lower prices for data transfers not in the own country.

  750 times higher price

At Hofer is 1 GB Yes internet withloug contract available for 20.--EUR. With contract, but in the wrong country can 1 GB cost 15,000.--EUR. 750 times more. When in a supermarket one bottle mineral water costs 50 Cent, this may cost in a noble restaurant 5.-EUR, but not 375.--EUR. That's usury!

  Against equal treatment

The providers come with unbelievable messages. The investions should make wins. He means for this, it's necessary to charge from a foreigner several hundred times more than from a native. Something like a cab driver takes from a native 8.--EUR, but from a foreigner 3000.--EUR for the same travel.

What happens to a cab driver charging from a passenger 3000.--EUR instead of usual 8.--EUR? He will loose his licence and will be at court for attempted fraud.

Mobile internet
The advertisement promises internet everywhere. But the advertisement keeps secret, that roaming fees can be quick several times more expensive than a notebook.

  Notebook Latop News 2008

News, tests, comments and personal experiences over Notebooks, Laptops and mobile Computers from the year 2008.

Methanol fuel cell
Market scenery for the methanol fuel cell. What SFC FFOY claims as future markets and our opinion about the market development.

Microsoft does not want to offer more for Yahoo
Microsoft sees no reason to increase the offer for Yahoo. Actually, even the current offer over US$ 44,6 billion is for me not understandable high.

Anonymous insanity
The wish for anonymity leads to a condtion, that humans become complete unable to communicate. I really found this email in my spam folder.

Mini fuel cell from Sony Mini fuel cell from Sony
Sony has the prototype of a hybrid fuel cell introduced. 50mm times 30mm size, 10 mililitre Methanol for 14 hours operation of a MP3 device.

The internet ist not citable
After 5 years are only about 10% of all sources for my articles with the same contence as in the time where I made the link.

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