Methanol fuel cell

Market scenery for the methanol fuel cell. What SFC FFOY claims as future markets and our opinion about the market development.


In some years Plug-in Hybrid will be the technical standard of the base vehicles. A typical base vehicle will have a 30 kWh lithium battery and an engine able to work as a 30 kW generator. To produce 30 kWh, the SFC EFOY cell needs 33 Litre Methanol. The strongest SFC EFOY cell needs 1 day to produce 1600 Wh. The engine generator does this in 6 minutes.

So the purchase motiviation disappears in this market.

  Wheelchair und Velo Taxis

Just right now is a 2 kWh lithium battery with BMS for 2000.-EUR available. That's enough to dirve a 45 km/h electric scooter nearly 100km with it. What sense makes a 3699.-EUR fuel cell with 65 Watt in a Velo Taxi, when for less money, a battery is available able to deal with a 4 kW engine without problem?


I laid first time 1994 with photovoltaic and notebook on the beach. Because of my reports, I was contacted by several expeditions. Foldable photovoltaic >/a> and a battery. With increasing availability of lithium batteries, it' is possible to save weight compared to the traditional lead battery.

I would never have the idea to take a fuel cell to the beach or to recommend a fuel cell for an expedition as a power supply.

Methanol fuel cell
Many people believe in the fuel cell like in a magic potion against everything. But when looking more carefully, very few remains from the magic potion.

  Notebook Latop News 2008

News, tests, comments and personal experiences over Notebooks, Laptops and mobile Computers from the year 2008.

Mobile internet soon possible in the EU
EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding demands from the cellphone providers lower prices for data transfers not in the own country.

Microsoft does not want to offer more for Yahoo
Microsoft sees no reason to increase the offer for Yahoo. Actually, even the current offer over US$ 44,6 billion is for me not understandable high.

Anonymous insanity
The wish for anonymity leads to a condtion, that humans become complete unable to communicate. I really found this email in my spam folder.

Mini fuel cell from Sony Mini fuel cell from Sony
Sony has the prototype of a hybrid fuel cell introduced. 50mm times 30mm size, 10 mililitre Methanol for 14 hours operation of a MP3 device.

The internet ist not citable
After 5 years are only about 10% of all sources for my articles with the same contence as in the time where I made the link.

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