Optimize the length of a newsletter

Even receivers of Your newsletter with a fast internet connection could have problems and trouble with long emails on vacation or at a business trip.

  In an internet cafe in Odessa

I just go through it again. A couple underway on electric scooters from Paris to Beijing has big problems to send me some pictures by an internet cafe in Odessa.

It seems similar problems like I has 2003 in Romania.

  Very different lenght

Our WDS content management system creates a HTML file. It's exactly the file, You can find in the newsletter archive. For the test, we used our newsletter from May 25th.

Original HTML file 15181
SendEmail from Brandon Zehm 17960
Right mouse click on the file, send to (as an attachment) 21419
Internt Explorer V7, send page to 46841
Mark all in Internet Explorer, copy and paste to Outlook Express 47693
Forward the newsletter by Outlook Express 31489

Our system creates a *.BAT file and performs the complete distribution of the newsletter by a *.BAT file and SendEmail. You can test how much Your newsletter software distends unnecessary the message by our original file for the test

  Newsletter software and distribution

On what is to pay attention at the distribution of a newsletter? Hints and problem solutions for the successfull distribution of a newsletter.

Filter test of a newsletter before the distribution
Spam filters are always good for surprises. Out of this reason, send first always the newsletter to Yourself and check what the email filter tells about it.

Austronaut Newsletter in the filter
When You do not check Your own newsletter how different filter systems react on it, it can happen, that many receivers are not reached.

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