Web site load time optimization

Most times, the developer has a very fast Internet connection and most elements of the own web site are in the cache. But for the visitors is the load time completely different.

Load time optimization basics
What can at all being optimized at the load time? Basics for the load time optimization of web sites. How is the load time defined

Dummy Javascript for a fast load time
In the HEAD section is no JavaScript loaded. The load of the JavaScript occurs only at the end of the page. To bridge this time are in the HEAD short dummy functions.

Load time optimization by CSS Cascading Style Sheets
Already with the first 4 received TCP/IP package, the browser should be able to render the most important contents of the web page. Optimization step CSS.

Load the background graphic later
In 99% of the cases, the background graphic is not the most important to deliver as quick as possible to the visitor. The load time of other elements is more important.

Load time optimization: Content first
Now we have learned all measures, in order that rendering the web page can start with the first 4 TCP/IP package from the server. But what should the browser do with it?

Load time test Load time test
Erase the cache and after this far far away from the next cellular station visit the web site. Document the load with a video.

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