Work flow optimization for the office

Somewhere in an email is a part number. Copy, change programm, paste and look up, or do all this with a single mouse click.

  Ideas for own dictionaries

  • Email addresses
  • Part numbers
  • Customer names and numbers
  • Invoice numbers
Imagine You read an email, spare part WX507 required. One click on WX507 and You see it in the dictionary, one mouse click more and You are in Your storehouse database.

Imagine You are just read in Your online banking only invoice number 5879. One click on 6879 and You see, that this was the invoice to example man from April 28th 2008.

Finish Your work faster with Babylon

  Babylon in the business organisation

Babylon is not only a with all important dictionaries expandable reference book, with it becomes with the Glossary Builder indispensably in the work flow organisation.

Look up email addresses with one click Look up email addresses with one click
Already known, already recorded or is it a new address? Look up with one click in the self created Babylon dictionary.

Glossary Builder - self defined dictionaries Glossary Builder - self defined dictionaries
Babylon can not be only equipped with the most famouse dictionaries in the world. It's possible to create own dictionaries when necessary.

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