Billion PC until 2008

Each Watt what a computer consumes more means at a billion computers an atomic power plant. 2015 will be about 2 billion computers.

  Energy consume in relation to photovoltaic

The photovoltaic world market will grow 10 times in 10 years. 2015 will be the production 15 GW photovoltaic. Each year 25% more. The estimation for the whole production from 2005 to 2015 is 67 GW peak. This world production divided by 2 billion computers is nearly exactly my portable 34 Watt photovoltaic for the beach. Thats enough for about 2000 hours a year with my economical notebook. At the most economical desktop only 600 hours a year. At a jazzed up desktop only 300 hours a year.

  More electric power consume than all Germany

Germany is an industrial state with high electric power consume. 550 billion kWh a year, nearly 7000 kWh pro inhabitant. Most of it consumed by the industry. But 2 billion computers with 3000 hours yearly usage and 100 Watt average consume 600 billion kWh.

  More electricity means dirty electricity

The German electric power mix emits 514 g CO2/kWh. Each wind power plant, each photovoltaic makes the energy mix more clean, because the most dirty power plants are switched off first. In the opposit when the electric power consume is very high, even the most dirty power plants have to start production.

  With the wattmeter computer shopping

When I purchase a new notebook, I do this essentially only with the help of my Conrad Energy Monitor 3000 wattmeter. Do not make Your purchase decision, as You would be alone on earth. Imagine You would just pruchase 2 billion computers.

  Notebook Latop News 2007

News, tests, comments and personal experiences over Notebooks, Laptops and mobile Computers from the year 2007.

Photovoltaic folded Photovoltaic folded
So small is a 25 Watt peak photovoltaic folded, only 800 g weight. Oly 32 g / Watt Peak.

Foldable photovoltaic Foldable photovoltaic
The very compact transportable moul is fast unfolded to 8 times the area. 25 Watt peak are enough for an economical notebook.

Photovoltaic connections Photovoltaic connections
The foldable photovoltaic comes with 12V plug, 12 V socket, crocodile clamps, a cylindric plug and an extension cord.

TV reporting team with one man TV reporting team with one man
Normally, a TV reporting team consists of the interviewer, cameraman and the man holding the microphon. This modern equipment makes from 3 man only one.

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