Notebook Latop News 2007

News, tests, comments and personal experiences over Notebooks, Laptops and mobile Computers from the year 2007.

Billion PC until 2008
Each Watt what a computer consumes more means at a billion computers an atomic power plant. 2015 will be about 2 billion computers.

Photovoltaic folded Photovoltaic folded
So small is a 25 Watt peak photovoltaic folded, only 800 g weight. Oly 32 g / Watt Peak.

Foldable photovoltaic Foldable photovoltaic
The very compact transportable moul is fast unfolded to 8 times the area. 25 Watt peak are enough for an economical notebook.

Photovoltaic connections Photovoltaic connections
The foldable photovoltaic comes with 12V plug, 12 V socket, crocodile clamps, a cylindric plug and an extension cord.

TV reporting team with one man TV reporting team with one man
Normally, a TV reporting team consists of the interviewer, cameraman and the man holding the microphon. This modern equipment makes from 3 man only one.

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