Work lamp test

As usual at our compare tests, we elaborate a sequence of KO-criteria, to sort out the numerous offers of the market.

Once again, like last time at our Test logbook and navigation in car radios, after the definition of our KO-criterias, only one product remained. blieb nach Erstellung unserer KO-Kriterien leider nur ein einziges Produkt übrig.

  KO criteria to select our test candidates

Our KO-criterias are not so bad,, 100 to 240 Volt, magnetic hold, hold for 19" cabinets und extern switchable, are really not to much requirements.

Work light for 100 to 240 Volt AC Work light for 100 to 240 Volt AC
Could it happen, that the service technican has to travel in an other country with different grid voltage? A work light with all worldwide used grid voltages

Magnetic lamp Magnetic lamp
Most electric control boxes are from iron, most cars are from iron, therefore a work light should have obviously a magnetic hold.

19 inch rack lamp 19 inch rack lamp
Everywhere 19'' racks, 19'' insertions. only the work light does not match in the 19''system? No Thanks! Whereto are there work lights with attachments for the 19'' system?

Switchable lamp Switchable lamp
The 3 positions of the switch are on, off and to be switched by an external switch to be connected on the right side. A door switch for example, to have light after opening a cabinet.

Context description:  100 110 120 220 230 240 V 100v 110v 120v 220v 230v 240v Volt 100volt 110volt 120volt 220volt 230volt 240volt Vac 100vac 110vac 120vac 220vac 230vac 240vac AC alternating current 50 60 Hertz 50hertz 60hertz
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