Hannover industry fair 2006

Fair report part energy for small appliances. Other parts: Mobility, renewable energy, with specail report Mobility in India and energy in India.

Fuel cell to charge a cellphone Fuel cell to charge a cellphone
20 Wh energy for around 20.-EUR. A complete mystery where the market for this should be. New handdbags and backpacks can also recharge a cellphone underway.

Refrigerator in backpack Refrigerator in backpack
Below the peltier element is a refrigerator built into the backpack. 2 piece 1 litre bottles have place in the backpack. This gadget will be available end of 2006.

Solar chargers Solar chargers
In compare to the 'Master', the photovoltaic of the professional is with 2.6 Watt peak a littl bit stronger. Some charge adapters for cellphones are included.

Handbag with photovoltaic Handbag with photovoltaic
CIS cells deliver also without direct sunshine enough electric power. This feature is deal for the new generation of handbags. This new handbags can also recharge a cellphone.

Backpack with photovoltaic
Immediately stands out the crystalline silicon photovoltaic on the backpack. But out of what reason needs a backpack 5 Watt peak photovoltaic? Peltier Element
The secret of the 5 Watt photovoltaic . Beside other consumers is the main part of the electric power for a peltier element. Solar charger
Charge AA batteries by 2.4 Watt peak photovoltaic or with the 230V power supply. One charge adapter for cellphones is included. A 12V plug to connect in a car is.available as accessory. Recharge cellphone underway
Inside the handbag with the CIS photovoltaic. An item with 2 AA NiMh batteries as a buffer storage for the solar energy. So it's possible to recharge the cell phone underway.

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