Light tripods for digital cameras

The best tripod does not help, when it was not taken along when it's required. Test of tripods in the lowest weight class up to 1,2 kg.

Tripod plate with coin slot Tripod plate with coin slot
The Erno D55 has a coin slot to screw the camera on the tripod plate. Annoying rummage in the moneybag.

Both spirit levels good visible Both spirit levels good visible
At the trpod Hama Star 61 are both spirit levels good visible whe the camera is mounted. When the camera is turned to portrait, the upper spirit level remains visivle.

Easy tripods compare test tabell
Compare tabell with the 3 tested tripods Erno P33, Erno D55 and Hama Star 61. Sum: high precise adjusting is not available in this weight class.

Use delayed action with the tripod Use delayed action with the tripod
Light tripods can shake at pressing the button. For this, use at the digital camera the delayed action. After 2 or 10 seconds is all still.

Test tripods for light digital cameras
The 3 test candidates,, Erno P33 for 19,90 EUR, Erno D55 for 39,90 EUR and Hama Star 61 for 25,99 EUR start in the compare test of light tripods. Panorama in deep snow
Some meter deep snow on the Untersberg, amazing good long distance sight. A panorama with about 135mm focal lenght fails because no spirit level. Spirit level hidden
At the Erno 33 ist the spirit level only visivle as long as the camera is not mounted. The camera covers the spirit level. Light tripods are wind sensitive
Spain, Murcia, La Manga. A warm September evening 2004. I would not have called the weather windy, until I have seen the results from night photos with 1.6 seconds exposure time. Hook on the tripod
As well as the Erno D55, the Hama Star 61 have a hook to hang weights for a higher stability against wind.

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