Panorama software test

The big quality difference between PhotoStitsch 3.1 (delivered with the S1) and our since 2000 used PixAround induced a big compare test. As usual at our tests, we take very difficult material to separate the wheat from the chaff. With very simple test pictures, we could test all candidates very good, but as well known, we do not test like this.

Panorama software PhotoStitch 3.1 Panorama software PhotoStitch 3.1
The software delivered together with the Canon S1 did not perform well. The Venedig panorama is much circumcised. The Markus church without towers.

PixAround panorama software in test PixAround panorama software in test
At us cince 2000 used as a problem free error tolerant software for panoramas. Freehand or not complete straight on the tripod, PixAround makes the best out of the photos.

Panoramafactory: the ghost software Panoramafactory: the ghost software
In the Panoramafactory 3.3 panorama appear several ghosts, which are suppressed by PhotoStitch 3.1 and PixAround. The shadowy ghosts ruin the panorama.

Panoramastudio Panorama Software Panoramastudio Panorama Software
1530 pixel height in a panorama remain from 1600 pixel height from the part photos. Here is Panoramastudio better than PixAround. But there are ghosts in the overlap areas.

Hugin: panorama tool with post refinement Hugin: panorama tool with post refinement
The special feature of Hugin is the possibility for post refinements, which we did not test. Without post refinement, there is a light dark border.

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