Car Adapter Test: Caution Computer Sabotage!

Very alarming developments in the car adapter market. What a manufacturer listed in many chains does can only be described as mean computer sabotage.

Notebook on passenger seat Notebook on passenger seat
The elongated plug is bent upwards when the seats are held sideways. This means that the inferior plug is bound to fail soon.

Notebook in the footwell at the passenger Notebook in the footwell at the passenger
The elongated inferior plug doesn't have a long chance of survival here either. The plug has to slow down the notebook at every faster turn.

Hama Car Adapter: Caution! Hama Car Adapter: Caution!
Plugs that are not protected against polarity reversal. 5 out of 7 plugs are also of an elongated design, which have a high chance of breaking quickly when used in the car.

Car Adapter Tuning Car Adapter Tuning
From Voltcraft there is a pack with angled plugs to the common not polarity-safe car adapters. Re-measure and then fix glue is highly recommended.

Digital voltmeter to measure car adapter Digital voltmeter to measure car adapter
Until there are reverse polarity protected car adapters, a voltmeter is essential to use to protect your valuable notebook from reverse polarity damage.