Romania internet internet cafes not useable

Avoid in Romania internet cafes. 20 people connect with one slow connection means, You can read and answer each email before the next one is received.

  No chance: receive many emails

Are several hundred emails waiting for the download, and You are just on holiday in Romania, save Your nervs, do not visit an internet cafe in Romania. It's a waste of time, You will not be able to receive all emails.

  Test report Rexnet Internetcafe in Birlad

Friday August 29th 2003

  • 10:30 Call of a client, he has problems with the change of a web server. I please the client to send me an email with a description of the problem
  • 11:00 Arrival at the internet cafe Rexnet in Birlad. First, they do not want to connect my notebook, but the chief decides to do on my notebook all settings for the connection. The chiefs pulls an ethernet cable from a desktop and connects my Acer.
  • 11:05 I can start. Thanks to my experiences with internet cafes in Romania 1997, 5 computers at one 19200 Baud connection, I set at Outlook Express the timeout to 5 minutes.
  • 11:12 After 7 minutes, Outlook Express has a list of 748 messages. The first from 748 email arrives.
  • 11:30 At message 724, only 24 received, nothing goes on.
  • 11:35 Outlook Express informs from a time out, despite 300 seconds timeout
  • 11:38 The download indicator makes a small progress.
Mobile internet
The advertisement promises internet everywhere. But the advertisement keeps secret, that roaming fees can be quick several times more expensive than a notebook.


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Context description:  Romania Romanian Birlad Barlad